Boukman Botanical Haitian Rhum tasting: 7/28 Fri 6-8pm

Jul 28, 2017 by          Posted under: EVENTS, NEWS

We are very honored to have Dani from Boukman Botanical Haitian Rhum to pour their delicious rhum made with traditional Haitian recipes. Come and learn the distilling process and the unique combination of their botanicals flavors.

Please join us on Fri, July 28th from 6-8pm to explore this amazing rhum!

Boukman Botanical Haitian Rhum


Region: Haiti

Notes: Boukman is a one of the traditional drinks of Haiti known as clairin trempè, a handcrafted spiced rum based on the islands famous rhum agricole infused with wild indigenous spices and botanicals. The spirit is dry and spicy as opposed to the sweet and syrupy versions of other spiced rums with notes that include cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla pods, tarragon, almond paste, mulberries and more.

Today, Boukman Botanical Rhum aims to help Haiti ‘get up, stand up’ and reinvests in programs to help the sugar cane communities live with dignity and fairness. From its inception, Boukman Rhum has been working in close partnership with Haiti Futur, a registered non-profit with branches in Haiti, the USA and France. A proportion of Boukman profits go directly to Haiti Futur, which is transforming education in Haiti with its digital classroom program.

Music Pairing: Wyclef Jean, Jason Derulo

Warm regards, The Winey Neighbor