Here’s to new beginnings…

Oct 3, 2017 by          Posted under: EVENTS, NEWS, OUR STORIES

After five and half years of serving our community of Prospect Heights, it’s sad to say goodbye to all our loyal and beloved customers. But do not fear we have Amanda Ly and her incredible team to guild you with all your wine needs. It’s my honor and pleasure to introduce Amanda as the new owner of the Winey Neighbor, she and her team have a wealth of knowledge that surpasses mine and Kenneth’s.

It has been a true pleasure and honor to be able to serve our community for all these years. You have filled our little store with so much joy and inspired us to work hard every single day. So here’s to more fantastic wines, more wonderful times with family and friends and to new memories.

With the utmost sincerity,
Young & Kenneth
The Winey Neighbor

Warm regards, The Winey Neighbor