Meet your new Winey Neighbor- Claire

Mar 4, 2012 by          Posted under: NEWS

The Winey Neighbor welcomes our new staff member Claire to our family! She will be here every Monday don’t hesitate to ask her any questions!


Claire is still new to New York. She has some country ways about her. Sometimes she gets lost at her own train stop. Claire is a person of theatre. She will discuss Shakespeare to great lengths. Her humor leans towards the absurd. Her heroes include Tom Waits, Sam Shepard and Patti Smith. Also, Richard Brautigan. She fell into the wine business about 10 years ago, by accident. Alongside wine she has worked a great deal with Italian slow food, coffee and beer. Her favorite of those is beer. She loves tart dry whites, big complex reds and delicate sparklings served with oysters. Claire lives in Clinton Hill with her fiancé and two hundred-something bottles of booze.

Warm regards, The Winey Neighbor