“Taste of Asia” photos

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To all our friends and neighbors Thank You So Much for coming to our Taste of Asia on April 7th, 2012, we hope that everyone got to taste some great Seitan (from Monk’s Meat), Jizake Sake (from Joto Sake), and Beer (from Bitter & Esters ) while getting a little Origami Demonstration (by Taro’s Origami Studio) under the Cherry Blossom flower arrangement (by Park Delicatessen)! It wouldn’t have been possible without our participating neighboring businesses and for that the biggest THANK YOU from the both of us, we wish you the best success and prosperity for years to come.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon! THANK YOU for all your support! Turned out Great!

Midori san from Joto Sake was being shy from camera ;-). We have four premium Jizake sake for tasting- Tomita Shuzou Shichi Hon Yari Junmai (7 Spearmen), Huchu Homare Brewery Watari Bune “Ferry Boat” Junmai Ginjo, Eiko Fuji Brewery Ban RyuHonjozo and Saiya Brewery Yuri Masamune Honjozo. They were so popular the sakes samples ran out just before 8pm.

Chris from Monk’s Meat offered his gourmet Seitan (wheat gluten). They are sooooooooo delicious! Literally gone in  seconds!

Ben from Taro’s Origami studio, easily the most popular person of the event.

Doug from Bitter & Esters pouring his “Yojimbo”, his special homebrew rice beer dedicated the great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa!

It had a beautiful color and taste due to the cherry he added to the beer!

Midori san explaining the premium sake to Carrie and Tony, the Sake connoisseur. So much knowledge in Sake!

Fun time!

Taro’s Origami brought 3 iPad with their own personal apps, one could browse through different origami and get steps by steps instruction. Great idea guys!

Ron and his beautiful girlfriends ;-)

Gourmet Seitan from Monk’s Meat! So Yummy!


Heather and Idalia have fun making the origami, how many have you learned?

Kampai Aleathea!

THANK YOU Valentine and Mike from Park Delicatessen provided this beautiful Cherry Blossom flower arrangement!

Again, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU SO MUCH for everybody for coming and we can’t wait to host another great events like this to bring the community together!

Yours Sincerely,
Young & Kenneth
The Winey Neighbor

Warm regards, The Winey Neighbor