We wanted to curate an interesting wine list that reflects our philosophy towards wine – An adventure in every bottle. Each bottle transports us to experience the Terroir and the local cultures, simultaneously engraving memories of the circumstances we are drinking it at.
One afternoon while drinking a nice bottle of Merlot, listening to Nina Simone the warmth of the sun was blanketing our living room, we experienced that perfect moment of Harmony between Wine and Music. From that day on the pairing of Wine and Music became a fun little game we play among our friends.
And of course, if you have any suggestions on what music to pair with a bottle we carry please let us know, let’s play this fun game together! The ultimate question: which wines pair well with The Beatles’s Sgt. Pepper? Where? With whom?
We meticulously design the label for each bottle to explain this little adventure. Hopefully you will find it informative and fun! On the left is an example of a label you can expect to find with every bottle we carry. Too see the down-loadable labels please check out our Wine List page.